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This is a unique system created to save water at your business or other organization, capable to saving 60 - 80% of the water used.
P A S E R   A Q U A      Products and Advanced Services for Ecological Resources
Humans have been contaminating the water with urine for centuries. WE use the water to drain the urine, contaminating million of gallons of water daily. MEXICAN-AMERICAN Engineer Jesus Joel Herrera Lucero, has invented a system to stop contaminating the water in urinals. PASER AQUA IS a system created to separate the water and the urine. The system can work in the inteligent using a sensors and other electronic components to complete the process, model A. System also can work mechanically without any electrionic items, model B. Or an adaptation of both. PASER AQUA IS not  a waterless urinal system, and does not use chemicals, only filters. IT is capable to separating more than 95% of the urine from the water. The water resulting in the process is not drinking water, but contains less than 5% of urine. The urine is 96% water to begin with, so the recycled water can be used for agriculture, cleaning, for toilets and urinals, and others applications. The urine captured can be used for fertilizer.                         
Flush water system                Water down  Water collecting
Water and urine results
           Urine Drop in the urinal